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It's a His and Her Christmas Holiday Shopping Time at Idaho Pawn and Gold

It's a His and Her Christmas Holiday Shopping Time at Idaho Pawn and Gold - Idaho Pawn & Gold

Samuel Reading |

The holiday shopping season is here. Idaho Pawn and Gold have wonderful gift ideas for both his and her Christmas gifts.

The season is a time to spread love, joy, happiness, and appreciation for the special people in your lives. Finding the right gift from the right place for your special someone and friends, make shopping even more worth the efforts made. Holiday Shopping

His Gifts

Do you have a special someone named Tom in your life, or maybe Craig? Are Tom's favorite hobbies outside or working on restoring a favorite vehicle? Maybe he enjoys reading the newspaper and finding the next best car show to go to. At Idaho Pawn and Gold with locations in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa, Idaho, they have special gifts for the man in your life. They have name brand tools like DeWalt and Milwaukee, and air tools like air compressors. All the tools on their retail floor have been tested and are in good condition, making selling them as pre-owned items beneficial to you, because you can get the gifts you need in December at a lower cost. Holiday Shopping

If you know he likes music and he wants a guitar or music equipment, Idaho Pawn and Gold has name brand musical instrument at an affordable price.

Holiday Shopping

You say increasing Tom's exposure this year is what you have focused on for the Tom in your life. You can do this with a luxury watch. Idaho Pawn and Gold has a fine line of Rolex, Gucci, and Brietling luxury watches. Owning a luxury watch builds confidence and confirms the style of the person wearing it.

Trying to find a luxury watch at an affordable price is a challenge if you are buying new. Shopping for a quality pre-owned watch makes sense. Holiday Shopping

A new television or computer makes sense as a gift, and you know your honey likes to watch movies and football. Idaho Pawn and Gold has television sets, videos, gaming systems, and accessories at affordable pricing for the special person in your life. Shop early for the whole family, so you have a large selection to choose from.

Holiday Shopping

Her Gifts

There is a fine line between loving a gift and hating a gift, but at Idaho Pawn and Gold you will find a large selection of pre-owned luxury gifts. From luxury handbags to fine gold and diamond jewelry, they have exactly what your special person wants for Christmas. Holiday Shopping

Luxury Handbags

Idaho Pawn and Gold has a large selection of luxury handbags including Louis Vuitton, Jane Spade, and Gucci. From large bags to small bags, they have it all. There is no doubt that your special someone would love a luxury handbag for Christmas. Idaho Pawn and Gold authenticates all of their luxury handbags so you don't have to have an inward personal battle wondering if what you spent your money on is real. Nothing would be worse than giving a fake purse at Christmas. Holiday Shopping

Diamond Jewelry and Necklaces

Diamond jewelry is sure to be a hit this Christmas. Diamonds can be set in yellow gold or white gold and there is no denying the jewelry is beautiful. Respective friends may try to convince you that jewelry is jewelry and its all the same. Idaho Pawn and Gold knows this isn't true. They test all the jewelry that comes into the shop and you can be assure it is authentic. If you wonder how to tell the difference between gold, gold bullion and other precious metals, the pawn shop has made an informative video that spells out exactly how to tell the difference and how to confirm you are buying the real deal.

Idaho Pawn and Gold never wants you to have second thoughts about the Christmas gifts you've purchased from them. They want to protect their customers and ensure that they get what they want.

Holiday Shopping

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With over 1000 review statements on Google, Idaho Pawn and Gold was voted the Best Pawn Shop in Idaho four years in a row. They ask each of their customers to write a review with the details of their shopping experience, so other shoppers can learn first-hand about the store. They offer a niche list and ask consumers to subscribe if they want to review notices and discounts. This is a great way to know what comes into the stores and when specialty items are available. Their hope is you can find what you need for Christmas at their Boise, Meridian, or Nampa location. Holiday Shopping

Need Extra Cash?

Some people have their own personal battle asking for help but they need money to make ends meet. During gentler times people might have gone to family members or friends to borrow money to get by. Christmas time is a particularly stressful time. Idaho Pawn and Gold will look at the luxury items you want to sell to them so you can get quick cash for Christmas. They will also write up a pawn loan using your valuable items as collateral if this is the way you want to get extra cash. Newspaper columnists have advice columnist who include ways to get through the stress of the holiday season. You might find watching Christmas movies worth watching to decrease your stress. From an entertaining stance these movies can be fun and most of them are rated TV pg so families can watch them together. But if movies don't do it and ou really just need a short-term loan, stop in and talk to Idaho Pawn and Gold. There is no story they aren't willing to listen to to find a solution and have money to lend if this would help. Holiday Shopping

Idaho Pawn and Gold


Sam was raised in Idaho with several siblings. His family instilled in him the belief that community is paramount. In his early adult years, Sam chose to serve our country in the U.S Marine Corps. After military service, he continued to serve as a contractor, doing many overseas tours to support the U.S. war efforts. During that time, getting home to his family and community became a top priority. Once home, Sam opened his first pawn store in 2014, and through his dedication to helping people and providing stellar service, grew his company into Idaho’s premier pawn service. Sam’s passion for pawn stems from his understanding that real community means helping one another, and that’s exactly what sets Idaho Pawn and Gold (Sam’s Locker) apart from other services. For Sam, money and profit will always be prioritized well after making sure his customer’s needs are met, and they are satisfied. Now that Sam’s time in uniform is over, his new mission is to build a legacy of service to his community at home. Sam is also dedicated to his fellow veterans and raises money for local veteran’s non-profits. Additionally, Sam has employed (and still employs) several disabled veterans, knowing well that sometimes veterans thrive best around other veterans. Sam’s brothers and sister in arms will always have a special place in his heart, and in his life. Sam has made sure that both his and her Christmas gifts are available at an affordable price for the 2022 Christmas season. If you are looking for a particular something, come in and search their inventory, and you will be happy you did. Why fight the crowds and traffic when you can shop in person or online at Idaho Pawn and Gold.