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Idaho Pawn and Gold - The Home of Gold and Silver Pawn

Idaho Pawn and Gold - The Home of Gold and Silver Pawn - Idaho Pawn & Gold

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Pawn shops provide complete pawn services, including selling, buying, and loaning using valuable items as collateral for short-term loans. They have a simple process and are part of their business community. Idaho Pawn is located in the Treasure Valley, and they have three stores. Potential customers can visit any of their convenient locations in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa, Idaho. Voted four years in a row as "Idaho's Best", they are trustworthy and never take advantage of their customers. Idaho Pawn and Gold originally started as Sam's Locker, and after just a year of business, expanded to their current location in Boise. Focused on their motto of "people helping people", they strive to provide excellent customer service, pre-owned luxury items like luxury handbags, musical instruments, gold, silver, diamonds, name brand electronics, designer watches, name brand tools, collectibles, fine jewelry all at an affordable price. Gold and silver set record highs this year. The store's team is experts in understanding gold and silver. Let's hear from Sam, the owner, about gold. Let's see what Sam says about silver.

Idaho Pawn and Gold, formerly Sam's Locker, buys, sells, and pawns silver and diamond. They are a shop you can trust for fair deals and value.

The holiday season is just around the corner. Are you look for a great deal on gifts for the family? Do members of your family love gold? Do they like other metals like platinum? Do they collect gold coins or bullion, or need a new gaming console or other electronics? Idaho Pawn and Gold is the place to shop. Guaranteed you will find something of interest. Going into the three locations is like starting a treasure hunt, while you look for the perfect pair of diamond earrings, or firearms on sale. No matter what you want to purchase, they will have it or know someone who does. The company was founded in 2014. Sam’s desire to go into the pawn business pawn didn’t originate from a childhood dream, or a long thought out and formulated business plan. It came from various goals and desires that came together at the right time, including his persistent dream of becoming a business owner. Hard work, and patience to wait for the right moment, made Idaho Pawn & Gold a reality. Junk Silver Isnt Really Junk Its Money

Sam has always believed that having good intentions in your endeavors is the foundation of living a good life. We all make mistakes; some are greater than others, but how we learn from those mistakes shapes our future. He built Idaho Pawn & Gold to reflect this core belief in everything the shop does.

Although the shop often deals with people in difficult positions, it is beyond important to do the right thing, keeping both parties’ interests in mind. This belief is the foundation of every transaction and is demonstrated throughout the shop’s entire process. At Idaho Pawn & Gold, their goal is to help people through their hardships, not make things more difficult. To that end, they offer as many options as possible to help people find solutions. Their flexibility is one of our greatest assets. They really care. It’s because of these principles that the business has found a place in our great community, and they believe Idaho Pawn and Gold (Sam’s Locker) is a great place for you to find the solution you are looking for. Welcome to Idaho Pawn and Gold, how may we be of service to you? Best Boise, Nampa Meridian Pawn Shop 2022 Idaho's Best Award

Idaho Pawn and Gold has an online shop and will ship products. They also have opt in programs so you can get notified as soon as an item arrives, like gold, which gives you advantages if you want to add to your investment portfolio. Their hope is you will find a safe and secure place to buy luxury items, sell and liquidate excess items, and get the quick cash loan you need if a situation arises.

Dealing with the guys at the shop will give you details about items you are interested in. the company stands by what they sell, and they have competitive prices on their retail items. As a pawn shop, Idaho Pawn and Gold is a premier shop in the Treasure Valley.