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Starting a Silver and Gold Investment For Your Children

Starting a Silver and Gold Investment For Your Children - Idaho Pawn & Gold

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Starting a Silver and Gold Investment For Your Children

A beautiful boy, Maximus, entered the world pure and new with a future ahead of him. The name Maximus with the Latin term meaning "greatest" is fitting. Born to Idaho Pawn and Gold's very own Dylan Tinklenberg and his beautiful wife on January 11, 2022, he will achieve great things. With the miracle of birth and the nine months prior to becoming a parent, his parents thought about, talk about, and consider everything. How will they raise him, how will they provide for him, what will they teach him? What will the world be like and how do they raise him up with investments so he can have a solid footing for the future. These questions are asked by many. What investments should be considered? Is investing in silver and gold now, a good decision? 100 GRAM VALCAMBI SILVER COMBIBA

Investing in Eachother and Teaching Investing In Precious Metals

Sam Reading owner of Pawn and Gold puts family first. Being the father of an incredible 18-month-old, Cruz, he strives to make sure his family and employees are taken care. If this means covering shifts so that school performances can be attended, doctors' appointments can be kept, and babies can be born, Sam is the man. If this means teaching how to invest in silver and gold and what steps are needed to ensure a proper return in the future he is available to help. Sam and Dylon have worked together so that little Maximus and Cruz already have an investment portfolio. With the silver market and gold market changing daily, Sam has continued to support his team through teaching them about gold, silver, precious metal, silver bullion coins, numismatic coins, gold, gold bullion, gold coins, and spot prices. With the knowledge shared through Idaho Pawn and Gold, Dylan not only considered how he might invest in silver but if he should invest in gold. He considered other precious metal as an investment as well as diamonds, gems, and gold jewelry. Little Maximus will find that his daddy has continued to invest in silver since he found out he would be a father. Maximus will be established to do great things. So, why did Dylan invest in silver? Because silver is obtainable and it is a good inflation risk management solution. It has an industrial demand. Gold on the other hand, gold is also seen as a good investment and as a hedge to inflation. Some schools of thought believe it is not perfect. Either way, Maximus and Cruz are examples of how a simple act of investment and love now during their early lives, will set the stage for these little guys to be successful in the future.

Gold and Silver Can Be a Bit Confusing

Investing in a solid financial portfolio is essential during this time of economic uncertainty. Parents investing in silver and gold as part of their children's financial future may find that they are confused. There are so many options and it is imperative that parents consult with a knowledgeable precious metals expert. Idaho Pawn and Gold is in the business of buying and selling silver and gold, gold coins, silver coins, silver bullion, and other precious metals. There are advantages to investing in silver and gold. First you investment can grow tax-deferred only paying capital gain taxes when you sell your collection. Silver, gold, and other precious metals increase in value when the economy is unstable such as inflation, war, deflation, and other factors that drive the stock market. Silver and gold investments are at least a five year commitment so you get more on the return. So starting in infancy and during the toddler years ensures a long range growth potential. Precious metals will usually yield larger profits when compared to other types of investments. Having silver and gold in your child's financial portfolio is a win-win for you as a parent, knowing you have invested wisely in your child's future and for your child when they reach an age of majority. They can step out into the world with a good headstart.

Buying Silver and Gold Confidentially

Be Smart and Buy What You Can Hold In Your Hand

Gold, silver, and bullion can be held in your hands. It is tangible and real. You have complete control of it, what happens to it, and where it goes. You know when to liquidate it if the silver prices rise and when to hold on to it should the silver prices decrease.

One Ounce Coins and Bars

One ounce gold and silver coins and bars are the easiest to liquidate when you are ready to cash out your investments. Based on the market price, the length of time you held onto your gold and physical silver will determine the payout. Physical silver is typically a fine silver .999 purity and you as an investor can take direct - in hand possession and store it as you chose. Pawn shops like Idaho Pawn and Gold and online vendors who buy physical bullion, silver bars, and other precious metals will give you a quote when you are ready to liquidate based on the silver market price.

Investment Storage

Today many silver and gold investors find it reassuring to have physical silver and gold they can decide where to store safely. Some use safety deposit boxes, others in-home safes, while others will invest in third party to store their precious metals.

5 Years Is the Key

A good rule of thumb when investing in silver and gold is to use the 5-year rule. If you need to liquidate before five years, maybe a different type of investment makes more sense. When you think about your choices to invest in silver or another type of precious metals, remember that your investment in silver, gold and other precious metals will have a better return after five years. Silver investing can be profitable if done correctly.


States have different rules and laws governing the buying and selling of gold, silver, and other precious metals. Make sure that you consult with an accountant or someone knowledgeable about your states' tax laws before investing.

Gold and Silver as Commodities

The price of silver and gold is driven by speculation, supply, and demand. This is true for most commodities. The spot value determines the cost of buying silver and gold with prices changing daily. Gold and silver markets are always changing as is the bullion market so it is important to watch the spot value when you are investing in silver and gold. Silver is considered a rare and above-ground precious metal thus making it a good investment. It is known as "poor man's gold". Pan American Silver Corp. is considered the largest silver mining company and silver production in 2020 it is estimated 25,000 metric tons of silver were produced globally. In the United States Alaska produced the most silver with Nevada second in line. Are Coins a Good Investment? The earliest recorded coin collection belonged to the first emperor of Rome, Augustus Caesar. He lived from 63 B.C. to A.D. 14, over 2,000 years ago! Coins have been sought after for many reasons; their historic or artistic value, for investment, and potential long-term profit. Idaho Pawn and Gold carries a large selection of coins. We buy, sell, and trade coins. The available coins are always changing as new ones come in and others go out. One thing that stays the same is the continued interest and curiosity a coin collection offers.

What is Spot Price?

Spot Silver and Gold Price is defined as the price that one ounce of silver or gold could be bought or sold for immediately. The spot price is always dependent on supply, demand, and speculation and goes up and down with the stock market. Market conditions change daily and often. The spot price for silver goes up and down and is notoriously volatile when compared to gold. Unlike gold, the silver market is a smaller market, and silver demand fluctuates. The spot price of silver is a "right now" price, in other words, what would the cost of the silver be if it was sold right now. The spot price is given for pure silver or .999 silver which contains 99.9% silver and a few trace impurities. This silver is ordinarily found in bullion bars and coins. The spot gold price is based on 99% pure gold or 24K gold. Like pure silver, it is used in bullion and gold coins. It scratches easily and is often not used in jewelry. When determining spot value you have to know the purity content of the gold or silver you are buying or selling.

A Story Told:

As a parent investing in your child's financial future is also a fantastic way to teach and establish a parent-child connection. They sat together on the threadbare sofa looking through the old cigar box of coins grandfather had been collecting for many years. A story followed each coin that was plucked from the tattered box. Grandfather spoke of his tour overseas in the Korean War and of his visit to Louisiana with Grandma. I sat back and listened, recalling the same stories I had heard while growing up. My childhood memories surfaced when I recalled sitting with my dad learning about gold coins, how to buy silver, what bullion was, and what it meant when he talked about numismatic coins. My 9-year-old son was mesmerized by the stories and the different designs, weights, and textures of the coins my father showed him. Carefully placing each coin face up and giving its history and value, Grandfather put each coin aside saying, “these will be the start of your own silver coin and gold coin collection. They will be the foundation for your future.” What Are Numismatic Coin Values The numismatic value of a coin is the price you receive when you sell the coin. The condition of the coin can be one that was circulated, uncirculated, or a proof coin from a collection. The fair market value of a silver coin is based on how scarce the coin is, the condition of the coin, and the demand for the coin. Rare coins for coin collectors bring a higher price than common coins. Coin shops will often deal in buying and selling rare coins for a premium. Pawnshops like Idaho Pawn and Gold have a team of experts who can value your coin and buy physical coins if the value is something that will meet the investor demand of a future customer.

Junk Silver as Investment

The United States minted silver coins prior to 1964 and these coins are known as "junk silver" and the coins have a purity of 90% silver. Dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollar coins minted for circulation before 1965 are worth considering as a silver investment. Here is a list of all United States 90% silver coins minted for circulation:
  • Barber dimes (1892–1916)
  • Mercury dimes (1916–1945)
  • Roosevelt dimes (1946–1964)
  • Barber quarters (1892–1916)
  • Standing Liberty quarters (1916–1930)
  • Washington quarters (1932–1964)
  • Barber half dollars (1892–1915)
  • Walking Liberty half dollars (1916–1947)
  • Franklin half dollars (1948–1963)
  • Kennedy half dollars (1964)
  • Morgan dollars (1878–1921)
  • Peace dollars (1921–1935)

American Silver Eagle To Add These to The Investment Portfolio or Not?

American Eagle Silver Dollar coins were first released in 1986 and are considered a highly sought-after silver bullion coin in the world. They are an incredible investment because of their unique history. The general public can not buy brilliant uncirculated American Silver Eagles and they can only be bought through authorized distributors and agents. An American Silver Eagle is .999% pure silver and weighs one troy ounce. The 2022 American Silver Eagle will have a new bald eagle design as the only reverse visual available by Emily Damstra. These are fully backed by the US government and they have an anti-counterfeiting feature in the reeded edge variation.

Morgan Silver Dollars To Add These to the Investment Portfolio or Not?

When considering Morgan Silver Dollars as an investment find a high-grade coin. Between 1978 and 1904 most of the Morgan Silver Dollars were minted. Did you know that nearly 3/4 of them were melted back down before they were issued? In the marketplace today, the average investor will know that most of the remaining Morgans didn't leave the mint until 1960. There is an abundance of Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar coins in the marketplace today. It is important to shop for and buy high-grade coins.

Idaho Pawn and Gold

We simply pay the most we are able to pay for your silver and gold based on Gold Prices and Silver Prices. We can do this because we are not only a Gold and Silver Shop but also a Pawn Store. This allows us to offer several services and have a smaller margin when you Sell Broken Jewelry or sell silver to us. We value your precious metals based on the gram weight for jewelry and scrap metals and not troy ounces. Silver prices change based on the market. The daily silver price rises and falls with changes in the stockmarket. Depending on your item(s), we can pay up to 105% of the Gold Price or Silver Price at our Boise or Nampa Store. If you need to make a purchase we have a text notification list only used for Gold and Silver stock alerts. We can facilitate special orders from 5k-250k. Text GOLD1 to 2086158704 (Nampa) and GOLD1 to 2086158714 (Boise) to join the notification list. If you put your information in the pop-up on this page, it will also add you to the exclusive list.

Investing In Our Children

Idaho Pawn and Gold are happy to teach others how to invest in silver for their children. Little Maximus and Cruz will have a substantial foundation in their financial portfolio when they turns legal age. In addition, both blooming pawnbrokers will understand the silver market, how the global silver supply affects supply and demand, how precious metals impact investments, and how investments can affect their personal financial situation. Together with their fathers they can make memories and understand bullion coins, bullion bars, silver coins, and the silver prices. Because of the time taken with the boys, both Sam and Dylan can go to bed knowing that the silver held in their safe will bridge the gab to other investments in the future, making their children successful.