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Rolex in Boise and Nampa Are In Style

Rolex in Boise and Nampa Are In Style - Idaho Pawn & Gold

Samuel Reading |

Something About October and November 2021

This October and November 2021 at Idaho Pawn & Gold have been different than others. During the initial wave of stimulus spending last year, transactions on retail were booming. More items were selling than we could hardly keep up with at both of our Boise and Nampa pawn and gold shop locations. We often wonder when the shift of the economy will happen, where pawn loans, and buys to get cashback to clients will take over the retail transactions volume. Lately, we have been hitting a micro boom just before pay periods, where 10s of thousands will be handed out at each store daily, and then drop just after payday. These last 2 months, however, the processing of these items and helping clients has not let up. Do you think it is our blog posting, networking, or is it a shift in the economy or local market? We have been slammed with loans, buys, and brokering transactions for clients needing cash, and both investing their money into Rolex Watches, Gold and Silver. We look back just 7 years ago, and now within 2 weeks we process more transactions and funds than we did in our first 2 years of business. We love the support of the community and will continue to adjust and grow our skillset to provide the needed services. If it is Rolex Daytona Collection, a standard Rolex Chronograph or a set of Honda Four Wheelers, we can assist.

Some of the Rolex Transactions, Fine Watch and Other Transactions

This week we not only were able to see a Daytona Rolex, but we also processed several other Rolex Watches from several clients. It isn't uncommon for us to see this amount of watches on a single deal, but across multiple deals, is a new trend for us. This week included some of the following transactions, among hundreds of others under 1k. 1. Rolex Daytona, 2. Vintage Rolex Tiffany & Company, 3. Rolex Cellini 4. Chopard Happy Sport (not a Rolex, but still worth mentioning). 5. Rolex Submariner 6. Vintage Rolex Air King, 7. 240+ Grams of Raw Gold Nuggets from an Estate, 8. Two 2016 Honda Four Wheelers, 9. Several thousand ounces of silver, 10. A couple of Louis Vuitton Handbags.

Why are these Rolex and High-End Deals Daily?​

Do you have any idea why some of these high-end deals are flowing into our pawn shop? We not only had our first Rolex Daytona come in, we processed our largest raw gold transaction from an estate with 250+ grams. Both of these deals, and the others felt great to process and service. Why Did They Feel Great? Because we leveraged our skills to authenticate, resources to value and were able to get our clients the most funds in their pocket by leveraging our network of buyers and evaluators. If we are able to get more for an item, then we can pay your more. We like to think the reason these deals keep flowing in, is because we simply take care of clients and have a company moto "People Taking Care of People".

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