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Pawnshops Work to Decrease Theft

Pawnshops Work to Decrease Theft - Idaho Pawn & Gold

Samuel Reading |

Pawnshops Work to Decrease Theft

Some people ask, do Pawn Shops take stolen items? Here at Idaho Pawn & Gold, located in Boise and Nampa Idaho, we work to decrease theft and help the community recover stolen goods while buying and pawning on quality luxury items.

Pawn Shops are a great place to shop and they work with local authorities to decrease theft.

The beautiful thing about pawn shops, like Idaho Pawn and Gold, is they report all items that are bought and loaned on to the local law enforcement. Some states may have a slightly different variation in statue.

At Idaho Pawn and Gold, we ask for a government-issued photo ID during each transaction. This helps us keep track of who bought and sold items in our store. All information is entered into our database. It doesn’t matter if the person is buying something, selling something, or pawning something; we collect the information.

Pawn shops all over the United States, buy, sell, and loan on hundreds of thousands of items every day. The likelihood that an item might be a stolen item is a possibility. Pawn shops, like us at Idaho Pawn and Gold, take every step to ensure we engage the authorities and work with them to return the item to its rightful owner.

What we do…

If a person is in need of cash, pawn shops can buy or loan on the item. A pawn loan is a short-term loan and the item brought in is used as collateral to secure the amount needed. The amount given is secured by the value of the item. The item is appraised, tagged, and remains in storage at the pawn shop until the loan is paid off. Sometimes, people need more time to pay for their loan so the loan can be renewed for additional time.

Sometimes people want to get rid of their items, say for instance they are cleaning out their garage, and bring their things in to sell outright. The items are appraised and a fair offer is given. With each loan and potential pawn shop purchase, the person bringing in the item must show a government-issued photo ID.

There are common items want. Some of these are jewelry (even damaged pieces), gold and silver, electronics, stereos, firearms, tools, musical equipment, ATV’s, boats, titled cars, and more!

Idaho Pawn and Gold has a confidential, quick and easy process. We are always looking for quality items. Send us a text message and ask for a quote. Include a picture and we can typically give you a solid offer before you come in saving you a trip if we can’t purchase the item.

Stolen Items…

Unfortunately, life events happen and some people find they have been the victim of theft. If you find that your precious belongings, jewelry, tools, or things have come up stolen you need to report this to the local police department through filing a report with them. Don’t forget to place a claim with your insurance company as well. Pawn Shops work with local police departments to help them find stolen items. Remember pawn shops record the transaction and get a copy of a government-issued ID when any item is brought into the pawn shop to sell or borrow against.

If there is a situation where a pawn shop has your item, the shop will place a hold on the item until the police department sends someone to pick it up. The police will then hold onto the item until the arrested person goes to court. In convicted cases, the convicted person will be ordered to pay restitution.