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NGC Graded Eagle Ultra Cameo Arrives, What is it Worth?

NGC Graded Eagle Ultra Cameo Arrives, What is it Worth? - Idaho Pawn & Gold

Samuel Reading |

About the Gold Coin and Us

Just the other day this PF70 Gold Eagle - Ultra Cameo - 2016 W Eagle G$50 NGC Graded arrived at our store in Boise, Idaho from a client looking to sell. We often see these or similar coins and other precious metals at our Boise, Nampa/Caldwell Gold, and Pawn Store. Precious metal prices are always changing based on spot price. We hope you enjoy reading about how we determined the value of our NGC Graded Gold Eagle.

What is the Coin Worth?

After going through the steps below we determined the value of this coin ranges from $2,000 to $2,200 at today's market price.

How Did We Determine the Value?

This coin is graded by NGC, so determining the value is fairly easy. When coins are graded by NGC or PSCGS, a fairly true accurate grade, makes valuing the coin easy. We first looked up this coin on NGC by the cert number to verify the grade is true. Now that we can see the results above, we notice it is the highest grade and better yet, only 3,341 of these exist. NGC was not able to provide a price, so we leverage their research guide to dig a little deeper. We can see a price guide charge here helping us research a little deeper. While $5,250 would be an amazing price to sell the coin for, it is pretty unrealistic because of the lack of data. At this point, we jump on eBay and see if we can find any sold listings, for the same type coin. The demand of the coin, and the rarity of it determines the value. If buyers aren't willing to pay the premium, then the coin will never sell. After researching eBay sold listings we were able to find similar 1/4 ounce versions selling for $600 (1/4 the value). In addition, we found a 1986 PF70 Ultra Cameo $50 Eagle recently sold for $2,600 and a 2017 which sold for $2,114.00. Between the newer coin and the older coin, and the number of coins in circulation it is safe to say the value of our 2016 is between $2100 and $2600.

Factoring Fees

After factoring eBay and PayPal fees, a reasonable local price on our 2016 is between $2,000 and $2,200. If selling online we would add a 10% premium because of shipping and processing fees.

Gold Prices

During the last year, gold prices have been up and down varying week to week. With gold still hovering at US History Highs, the gold price heavily influences the value of the coin. At our store, we push most of our gold bullion and other precious metals weekly and do not play the market. We sell based on spot price and current premiums while factoring in any numismatic value. Physical precious metals are a great investment and continue to grow in demand with the uncertainty of the US Dollar and economy.

How Will We Sell This Coin?

We leverage our GOLD1 list where our local clients subscribe to a text notification for gold and silver only. When this coin came out for sale, we listed it at $2,200 and offered it to our subscribers for $2,000. We first look to sell the coin locally in order to support our Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Caldwell Communities to save them and us money instead of paying online fees. We adjust the price weekly with gold and silver prices changing based on the precious metals in the coin.

Do you have a Coin, Gold, Silver or Precious Metals to Sell?

If you are looking to sell a Gold American Eagle, graded or not, we are happy to help. Our expert team can help you in Boise or Nampa Idaho, including surrounding areas like Meridian, Star, Caldwell, Kuna, New Plymouth, Marsing, and the Treasure Valley. We give you an offer based on the precious metals prices of your coin or rounds and adjust based on the spot price and current premiums. Some folks think a Pawn shop will not offer top dollar; however, this is far from true with us. We are a multi-service store, constantly working our industry relationships and building skills. We are able to offer more than all local competitors. Buying and selling of gold and silver is not the only stream of revenue, which allows us to offer the most for your bullion and precious metals. If your bullion is worth $2,000, we may offer up to $1950. If your silver is worth $30 we may be able to offer up to $28 for the item. Small margins, and high turns is the name of the game here at Idaho Pawn & Gold in Boise and Nampa Idaho.