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Idaho Pawn and Gold Has Musical Instruments and Can Help You Find Guitars At Pawn Shops They Own

Idaho Pawn and Gold Has Musical Instruments and Can Help You Find Guitars At Pawn Shops They Own - Idaho Pawn & Gold

Samuel Reading |

We all know that pawn shops have many items. Did you know, though, that your local pawn shops are a great way to find many styles of guitars or other musical instruments, from beginner to advanced player types?

Musical Instrument

You are likely to find guitars or other instruments at pawn shops!

You may think they don't carry quality items, yet you are wrong! From jewelry to amps, to tuners, and many other items, a pawn shop is a fast and easy option. You can walk in and find yourself with quick cash money for a loan, or a great deal on a purchase. They are our hidden gem! Generally, they carry a large collection of guitars and offer support in addressing your needs and desires.

From acoustic to electric to bass guitars, pawn shops have them all.

Most beginners learn on acoustic guitars, they give the learner the foundation to move on to a more advanced style, such as electric. Acoustic guitars have a clear and easily definable sound, making it easy to recognize the correct note or chords. They are usually lighter in weight than an electric or bass guitar. Acoustic is not for beginners though, there are many that you can advance to, including 6 string and even 12 string models!!

Now, maybe you are the daring type, and want to dive into the deep end!

Why not look into an electric guitar at pawn shops. They will have a wide variety and price range to suit any budget. There are a few types, the hollow body style, that you can play with an amp, or stand alone without one. They generally have 6 strings, but you can also find 7 strings. Keep in mind that you will need gear for them. Generally a combo amp or even speaker cabinets to connect to an amp head, also relevant hardware and pedals to help change the dynamic and effects for the sound you want to make.

Do you love that deep reverb that you hear in most music?

The bass guitar could be the ideal choice for you. They generally are 4 string, but can also be 5 or 6 string. Bass also need an amp, and again pedals help achieve that throaty tone we all love. Keep in mind that their fret board is longer than the other 2 styles. These are suitable for beginners, as all are, so don't limit yourself! They can also be acoustic!

Model, neck and bridge all play a role in determining the value of all three styles of guitar.

The model you choose should fit your budget, skill level and main use. Are you going to be playing professionally, as a personal endeavor, or even in a teaching type environment? Guitar models are the names of specific types of guitars each brand makes. Some of these brands include Ibanez, Gibson, Fender, B.C. Rich and many more. Think about it in the context of cars; Chevy Tahoe, vs Chevy Silverado, etc. A common one you may have heard of is the Gibson Les Paul, or Gibson Explorer (James Hetfield plays this model). Most of these guitar manufacturers also produce amplifiers.

What is a bridge and the purpose of it, you may ask. Well, here is what I have learned over the years.

It must be at a specific height to avoid many issues. Too high off the fret board, and you will need more pressure to produce notes, which in turn will cause your fingers to get sore. Too low, and you risk the strings vibrating against the frets themselves, giving the sound a muddy or buzzing tone.

How the neck is important:

The bridge keeps the stings at a perfect height. This is important to help create the actual notes you are looking for. Which is especially true if you have a fretless guitar. Fretless means there are no metal strips (frets) that run perpendicular to the strings. Your neck in fret essence is your fret board.

We briefly touched on gear, yet what is it?

Strings are the most obvious, you can't play your instrument without them! There are many types, depending on personal preference, style of music, and your role in said music. A rhythm guitar player (plays main riff in any given song) would simply need basic strings with a clear and solid tone. As a lead guitar player (lead or solo playing member), you would use flexible strings to create that bending note, giving the lead a bluesy feel. Musical Instruments

What types of accessories do you need?

Most musicians have a wide variety of accessories. Straps, picks, tuners, and cases, just to name a few. You can find many of these items at your local pawn shops. Another great resource for more specialty items, such as multi effects pedals and amps, is Guitar Center. They can also guide you in making a decision on the best guitar for your ability, which you can then take to your local pawn shop to purchase there.

Now that we know what we are looking at as far as a musical instrument, let's look into selling your equipment.

Your pawnshop will accept most gently used equipment and gear, including accessories. They will give you a fair price for a loan or sale to them. Typically, they offer between 40-60% of the value. Check out their website. Most times they have a chat option, so you can have an idea of what you can potentially make. While they may not have as much inventory, they are certainly not limited in helping you find something you may be interested in during your visit. Maybe you didn't even know you were! Another great resource to sell or buy is eBay. Be wary though, you may not get what you are looking for. Search your pawn shop, they can offer a great deal, and they will have a knowledgeable person who can offer cash money for your instrument. Be sure to shop around to make sure what you pay is fair if you are buying, and also when you pawn your guitar. We all know that is a great way to get some quick cash.

Added bonus: Most pawnshops offer deals on Friday and Saturday!!

Check out the sign, most have a listing of what may or may not be on sale. If you are looking for something specific, keep an eye out. They are there to do business, take them up on it. We all know that some big box stores can be awful to deal with, a pawn shop can offer a more personalized experience. Pawn

Idaho Pawn and Gold

Idaho Pawn and Gold is located in Idaho and have three locations, Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. They are an owner owned and operated business, and the owner has a heart for his community. Idaho Pawn and Gold was voted Idaho's Best for four years, and there is a reason. Their motto is "People taking care of people", and they will stand by that motto. They provide the best experience pawn and gold shops offer. Idaho Pawn & Gold believes that building trusting relationships with their community is what sets them apart from other pawn shops, gold and silver buyers, and bullion dealers.