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Lathered in History - Idaho Pawn & Gold

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Imagine strolling through an antique market, your eyes scanning the treasures before you. Suddenly, you spot a charming, intricate, and functional piece of history: an antique soap dispenser. Beyond its beauty, it tells a story, one that spans centuries and connects us to our past. So what makes these vintage soap dispensers so attractive, and how can you incorporate them into your home? Let’s lather up and dive into the enchanting world of antique soap dispensers.

Short Summary

  • Bring a bit of history home with an antique soap dispenser - style, functionality and shelf life? Check!

  • Get ready to lather up in luxury with Idaho Pawn & Gold for sourcing and displaying options.

  • Investigate materials, design, maker’s marks to authenticate antiques like the timeless Voorhis-Tiebout Company of Red Hook New York Soap Grinder.

Antique Soap Dispensers

Uncovering the History Behind Antique Soap Dispensers

From the 1800s to the present day, antique soap dispensers have been a hot commodity. Their timeless elegance and storied past can add a touch of history to any space, be it your kitchen or bathroom. The push-down mechanism, a striking feature of vintage soap dispensers, combines interest and functionality to add more to the design, making soap dispensing a breeze.

These alluring dispensers come in various sizes. For instance, the stunning Kitchen Counter Soap Dispenser boasts dimensions of 11.33 x 4.77 x 2.62 inches and holds an impressive 18oz of liquid soap. With such generous capacity and a shelf-life of one year, these soap dispensers are a testament to quality and durability.

Soap Dispenser

The Charm of Antique Soap Dispensers

Antique soap dispensers possess an irresistible lure, from vintage vibes to rustic allure. Investing in these timeless pieces can add value and charm to your home. In fact, the classic, vintage design of these dispensers, especially the vintage soap dispenser, deserves credit for their enduring appeal and functionality. With a vintage soap dispenser, you can elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic effortlessly.

Let’s delve deeper into what makes antique soap dispensers so special.

Unique Designs and Styles

The world of antique soap dispensers is vast and varied, with something for everyone. From handmade pieces to vintage and elegant styles, frosted glass designs to rustic farmhouse styles, each dispenser boasts its own unique charm. But it doesn’t stop there. These versatile pieces can be repurposed into flower vases, utensils storage, and more, adding a delightful touch to your decor.

Investing in these one-of-a-kind pieces can repay you with their charm and versatility, making them a perfect addition to your collection. So whether you’re a seasoned collector or just dipping your toes into antiques, there’s an antique soap dispenser waiting to dazzle you with its design and style, as well as potentially increasing in cash value over time once sold.

Craftsmanship and Materials

The value and authenticity of antique soap dispensers are heavily influenced by the craftsmanship and materials used in their production. These dispensers come in various materials, such as glass, ceramic, metal, and even wood, catering to diverse preferences and tastes. Crafted with intricate details and made from top-notch materials, antique soap dispensers are highly sought after by collectors.

As we’ve discovered, the crafty details and ingredients used in the making of antique soap dispensers play a crucial role in determining their worth and originality. The beauty of these dispensers lies not only in their unique designs, but also in the exceptional craftsmanship and materials that make them truly timeless.

Collecting and Displaying Antique Soap Dispensers

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting your journey, it’s essential to know where to find antique soap dispensers and how to display them in your home. In this section, we’ll explore sourcing and purchasing options, as well as uncover the world of Idaho Pawn & Gold—a company that buys, sells, and pawns antiques, including antique soap dispensers.

When it comes to sourcing antique soap dispensers, there are a few options. You can search online for antique dealers, visit antique stores, or even look for them at flea markets and yard sales. You can also find them at auctions, estate sales, and antique malls.

Sourcing Antique Soap Dispenser

So where can you find these elusive antique soap dispensers to add to your collection? It’s easier than you might think. Online platforms like Etsy, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target offer a treasure trove of options. Alternatively, you can visit your local antique stores for a more hands-on experience and the chance to uncover hidden gems.

Pawn Shops may also be a great place to look for vintage soap dispensers or other hard to find and unique items.

Idaho Pawn & Gold has a large inventory of unusual items, like an antique soap dispenser. They will buy, sell, and pawn on almost anything of value.

Whatever route you choose, remember that the thrill of the hunt is part of the joy of collecting antique soap dispensers. So stay curious, explore various sources, and who knows, you might just find the perfect vintage soap dispenser add on to your collection.

Idaho Pawn And Gold Nampa Location

Idaho Pawn & Gold Buys, Sells, and Pawns Antiques

Idaho Pawn & Bank. Gold is the go-to place for all your antique soap dispenser needs. Not only do they buy, sell, and pawn antiques, but they also offer expert advice and guidance for collectors. The process at Idaho Pawn & Gold for buying, selling, and pawning antique soap dispensers is a breeze. Simply bring in your items for a free appraisal, and if you decide to go forward, you can rest assured that you’ll get a fair price.

Recently, a customer came into the store with an antique Soap Master Voorhis-Tiebout Company of Red Hook, New York. After the pawn broker appraised the dispenser, the customer could leave with cash in hand.

With a staff full of experts ready to answer all your questions, Idaho Pawn & Gold is a one-stop-shop for antique soap dispenser enthusiasts. So whether you’re looking to buy, sell, exchange, or pawn, Idaho Pawn & Gold is your trusted partner in the world of antiques and loan services, ensuring you get the best pay for your items.

The Value of Antique Soap Dispensers

The value of antique soap dispensers is determined by various factors, including the brand, age, and condition of the piece. For example, vintage Gillette soap dispensers can cost anywhere from $20 to $50, while vintage Colgate soap dispensers can range from $50 to over $100.

The condition and age of a dispenser can also greatly influence its value. A pristine, well-aged piece might fetch a higher price than a more recent, worn-down model. So, when assessing the value of an antique soap dispenser, it’s essential to consider these factors to ensure you’re making a safe and wise investment.

How to Identify Authentic Antique Soap Dispensers

When it comes to authenticating antique soap dispensers, it’s crucial to inspect the materials used in their construction. Additionally, the design of the dispenser can provide clues about its authenticity. To determine the age of an antique soap dispenser, look for hallmarks or maker’s marks, which can provide valuable information about its origin.

By carefully examining the materials, design, and any maker’s marks, you can confidently identify authentic antique soap dispensers and distinguish them from reproductions and merchandise. This knowledge will empower you to make informed decisions when building your collection.

The Soap Master Voorhis-Tiebout Company of Red Hook, New York Soap Grinder

The Voorhis-Tiebout Company of Red Hook New York is a fascinating case study in the world of antique soap dispensers. Established in 1932, the company relocated to Rhinebeck in 1935 and continued to produce soaps and other related products throughout the 1930s. Although information about their soap grinder remains elusive, the company itself is a testament to the enduring appeal of these vintage soap dispensers.

With a rich history and a reputation for quality, the Voorhis-Tiebout Company of Red Hook, New York serves as a reminder of the timeless allure of antique soap dispensers. Their story is just one example of the many fascinating tales that these charming pieces can lend, captivating customers throughout the years.

Hallmarks and Maker's Marks

Hallmarks and maker’s marks are like a calling card for antique soap dispensers, providing valuable information about the item’s origins. These marks can take the form of the maker’s name, logo, date, or symbol, and are key to determining the authenticity of a piece. In this context, these marks can be considered a “sign” of the dispenser’s origin and quality.

To tell if hallmarks and maker’s marks are the real deal, compare them to those from the same era. By becoming familiar with these marks, you can confidently identify authentic antique soap dispensers and ensure that your collection is filled with genuine, historically significant pieces.


Throughout this journey into the world of antique soap dispensers, we have uncovered their rich history, explored their unique designs and craftsmanship, and learned valuable tips for collecting and displaying these charming pieces. We have also delved into the factors that contribute to their value, and discovered how to identify authentic antique soap dispensers using hallmarks and maker’s marks.

As we bid farewell to the enchanting realm of antique soap dispensers, remember that each piece tells a story—a story that spans centuries and connects us to our past. So, why not add a touch of history and elegance to your home with a vintage soap dispenser set that will captivate and inspire generations to come?

Pawning Process

What is the meaning of pawning?

Pawning is an age-old way to get a quick infusion of cash without taking out a loan. It involves a person leaving a valuable item, such as jewelry, electronics, or even an antique soap dispenser, with a pawnbroker, in exchange for a cash loan.

This loan must be paid back within a certain time period, and the items can be reclaimed if payment is made.

Idaho Pawn & Gold in Meridian, Boise, and Nampa, Idaho will consider most items of value for pawn or to purchase outright. They are a fair and trustworthy shop, ready to support their customers.

With three pawnshops in Idaho, they are always willing to help customers. They will consider most everything that has value, including gold, silver, antiques, jewelry, autos, motorcycles, tools, musical instruments, and other things.