Isn’t It Lovely, Isn’t It Wonderful?

Samuel Reading |

Idaho Pawn and Gold Announces Its Plan for Future High-End Pawn Shops to Serve the Treasure Valley.

Sam Reading, the owner of Idaho Pawn and Gold, explained that he recently purchased Benny’s Pawn Shop located in Meridian, Idaho. He is excited because he plans to expand his company to add high-end luxury items to his pawn shops while offering pawn loans and services to Kuna, Meridian, Boise, and Middleton, Idaho. He said, “I plan to modernize pawn services.”

If you have ever met Sam’s wife, Ashley, you will be taken back by Ashley, a beautiful and elegant lady who adds class and sophistication to any room she walks into.

Sam and Ashley understand the pawn business and have decided to invest their time and efforts into designing a pawn shop that includes the idea that bling is a thing, and if gold and diamond are involved, bling is the best thing!

Sam is the go-to person for ideas on bringing pawn shops into the technology era with advancements in marketing tools, databases, security systems, and authentication tools. He is a “solutions” man. As the owner of three pawn shops and Pawn Leads, a marketing solution for small businesses and pawn shops, he continues to exponentially grow his pawn shop customer base, resulting in profits.

Ashley is a real estate agent and has an eye for class and beauty. She can turn a screened-in back porch into an elegant breakfast nook or sunroom set aside for reading in the early evening. She sees the potential in people and the houses she lists. Ashley has an eye for color and a wealth of insight into luxury items.

Together, Sam and Ashley are the perfect match for modernizing pawn services while offering a high-end feel to the new pawn shop.

Idaho Pawn and Gold - Fairview Ave, Boise

This store was Sam’s first pawn shop. Opening under the name Sam’s Locker in 2014 at a location off Milwaukee, Sam decided to move the store to the current location off Fairview, Ave to increase the retail storefront and make it easier for customers to find the store. Parking was an issue at the previous site.

Sam was raised in Idaho with several siblings and learned that community is of paramount importance early on. He served his country in the U.S Marine Corps. Following his military service, he continued working as a US military contractor, doing several tours overseas to support the U.S. war efforts.

Sam found it a priority to get home to Idaho, his community, and his family, and once home opened Sam’s Locker. While overseas during his military career, Sam dreamed of owning a business that exemplified his understanding that real community means helping one another. He knew he wanted to open a pawn shop.

Money and profit will always be prioritized well after ensuring his pawn shop customer’s needs are met and satisfied. Now that Sam’s time in uniform is over, his new mission is to build a legacy of service to his community and in the pawn industry.

Idaho Pawn and Gold – Fairview Ave. carries gold, gold coins, bullion, silver coins, fine watches, luxury handbags, name brand tools, motorcycles, ATVs, etc.

Idaho Pawn and Gold - Caldwell Blvd., Nampa

Sam’s dream of owning a pawn shop wasn’t quite satisfied. He wasn’t content to own the store on Fairview Ave., he knew he wanted to expand to Nampa, Idaho. He secured a location on Caldwell Blvd. that was previously a lube and oil shop. He jumped in headfirst and began the daunting task of remodeling the store so it could become the second pawn shop serving the community through pawn services.

His family, friends, and employees all pitched in here and there to help him achieve his vision. The Nampa, Idaho store opened, and Robbie manages the day-to-day operations.

Employing fellow veterans, his friends, and his family has always been something Sam has done out of support for those he cares about.

Robbie is Sam’s childhood friend, and for years they ran around together and explored the bike jumps under the Village at Meridian, Id. When Sam was a young teen, he would walk to Tuesday Morning and gather up things he thought he could sell in the neighborhood, walk door to door, and make his sales. He did well. Since he was a teen, he’s had a pawn shop bug in his ear.

Robbie was raised in Idaho and knows how people in Idaho are authentic, hardworking, and passionate about their state. He helped Sam set up the store to include gold and silver jewelry, name-brand tools, and luxury handbags. Robbie greets everyone with a huge smile and knows the customers by name.

The store has a 5/5 rating, and this rating is a statement from the customers on how well Robbie takes care of them!

Idaho Pawn and Gold - Meridian, ID

With the purchase of a third store, Sam has plans to update the store’s interior and “modernize pawn services.” He knows that pawn shops in the area lack a high-end luxury storefront.

He and Ashley are working together to establish a pawn shop where customers can shop for gold, diamonds, gold jewelry, collectibles, art, and luxury watches at a fair price while feeling calm and comfortable.

Ashley’s vision is that when customers enter the newly updated pawnshop, they will experience a clean and supportive environment that puts them at ease whether they are buying, selling, or pawning valuable things. The cases will be organized and brightly lit.

The goal is to have a pawn shop where a customer can feel comfortable buying name-brand tools while shopping for a .5 carat diamond ring for his sweetheart.

Branding takes time, and Sam knows he will need to work with his team, so they utilize the technology Sam is putting in place to help make the collateral loan process smooth and easy. Whenever items are sold outright, the price offered is suitable for both the pawn shop and the customer.

His current team of pawnbrokers are experts at what they do, so he knows the learning curve won’t be a problem.

Sam’s shops have been voted “Idaho’s Best” three years in a row, and this shouldn’t be any surprise because the goal of the business is “At Idaho Pawn & Gold, our goal is to provide an inviting atmosphere to our customers, and a healthy workplace for our team members. We are people of integrity and treat our customers with respect we know they deserve.”

With over 2000 Google Reviews over the past seven years, Idaho Pawn and Gold holds a 5-star rating.

Free Appraisals and Testing As Part Of The Services Offered

All stores have state of the art exray machine, the XRF tester to test precious metals, and the appraisals and testing are free. Not all pawn shops have these machines in the Treasure Valley, but Idaho Pawn and Gold doesn’t skimp when it means building customers’ confidence in their services.

Authentification Services On Pre Owned Items

The stores complete an Entropy authentication on each luxury handbag that comes into the store to ensure the bag is authentic. This service is free and helps build customer confidence.

Gold Coins, Silver, Silver Coins, Bullion, and Gold Buyers at Idaho Pawn and Gold

Sam also works with gold brokers in the area to secure gold, silver, and other precious metals for purchase. Idaho Pawn and Gold offers services as gold buyers.

All three stores accept old gold jewelry, scrap jewelry, and broken jewelry for pawning or to sell outright. Sam prides himself that his stores pay more for precious metals than most stores in the area.

Sam and his team will help you out if you need access to collateral loans. Being the best pawn shop in Idaho, Idaho Pawn and Gold will buy gold for fast cash, and you won’t have to search far for the money you need.

The store doesn’t require a credit check, employment information, or anything more than a state-issued ID and a thumbprint to get the highest price possible on your valuable goods and quick cash.

As a leading pawn store in the Treasure Valley, you can get fast money with no credit checks, the best price, and whatever size loan amount you need by stopping by any of the three locations.