Idaho Pawn and Gold Offer Thermo DXL and Sigma Metalytics Testing – Okay, What Are These?

Samuel Reading |

Gold and precious metals are sought after as investments and for their beauty. Buying these can be expensive. No one wants to buy gold and precise metal, pay the price, and then discover what they bought is fake.

Idaho Pawn and Gold, with stores in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa, Idaho, offer free precious metal analysis.

No other pawn shop in the area offers the same service. All three stores have retail environments that allow the customer to watch while valuable products are tested. The pawn brokers will explain the standard analytical range for each metal and what your results mean.

What is a Thermo Niton DXL precious metal analyzer?

Undoubtedly, gold, silver, and other precious metals prices fluctuate daily. Small inaccuracies in testing and ensuring that the precious metal is genuine can significantly impact your bottom line.

In today’s market, there are gold plating on authentic looking jewelry, counterfeit items, and other uncertainty about what a jewelry piece is made of that pawn shops and consumers face daily.

It doesn’t matter if you are buying, selling, or obtaining a loan removing errors is essential for a profitable transaction.

A Thermo DXL analyzer accurately determines the content of gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, or other precious metals. The machine can simultaneously measure all the elements in any jewelry piece, whether solid gold or something else, without the need to switch calibration based on what is being analyzed.

To complete a scratch test on precious metals, you must scratch the item. The Analyzer completes a non-destructive analysis of any precious metal. The Thermo DXL analyzer delivers fast and accurate results on precious metals and significant alloy elements.

It is compact and portable. The innovative instrument gives results that builds trust with pawn shop customers. It doesn’t damage precious metals, jewelry, and antiques aren’t damaged during the process.

The tool has a gold-plating detection technology. If you want to distinguish pure gold from plated gold quickly, this tool will provide you with the necessary information.

The touch screen color display provides reliable results about the presence and concentration of other trace alloying elements, including lead. When shopping for a gold chain, it is essential to know what you are buying.

Some of the counterfeits available can throw off buyers. At Idaho Pawn and Gold, the pawn brokers can show you the touch screen color display read-out to assure you that what you are purchasing is genuine.

Some pawn shops use acid test methods to test precious metals. Although this is an okay process, it does use harsh chemicals, and the process doesn’t precisely determine the makeup of what is being tested.

Harsh chemicals that can burn fingers, ruin clothing and damage countertops aren’t used with the DXL Precious Metal Analyzer.

The Analyzer eliminates hazards and inaccuracy associated with acid test methods. It is explicitly designed for countertop placement and delivers fast, reliable results.

The DXL Thermo testing machines are the most accurate testing machines for gold, silver, and precious metal.

Sigma Metalytics Testing

The Sigma Metalytics Tester tests the product and measures the bulk metal comprising a bar or coin, providing purity percentages. The tool provides a way for Idaho Pawn and Gold to test bullion.

By using electromagnetic waves, the testing process penetrates deep into the coin or bar, ignoring any plating or surface features. This allows the machine to test the metal below the surface and gives an accurate reading.

If you have a coin that you want to be analyzed, but you do not want to take it out of its protective case, the Sigma Metalytics Testing machine will scan through plastic cases and bags without an issue.

There is no damage to the coin, and the testing is complete within seconds.

No chemicals are used, and there is no physical damage to your item.

There are different size sensors for different sizes of gold, silver, coins, or other precious metal items. The tester can test bullion and any other metal. It has built-in user programmable pick lists such as pure gold, crown gold, silvers, Morgan Silver Dollars, and other metals for easy selection.

Working with a pawn shop that uses state-of-the-art nondestructive analysis to detect and prevent precious metal fraud is essential for both the pawn shop and consumers.

Nickel and Nickel Allergy

A study by the Ecology Center, a Michigan-based nonprofit organization focused on promoting a safe and healthy environment, reported that some jewelry contains dangerous heavy elements like lead, chromium, and nickel. Some jewelry that is bought and sold as genuine gold jewelry is fake. This is a concern when someone is looking for optional accessories to wear with their favorite outfit or to give as a gift to find out later that the product purchased contained the dangerous heavy elements.

Nickel is a highly versatile metal that will alloy with most other metals, and it is easy to work with and is corrosion resistant. It is found in nickel-plated jewelry and gold and silver jewelry as an alloy.

It is found everywhere. It is in food and water, found while you cook on nickel pigmented dishes, nickel-plated faucets, tobacco, and jewelry containing nickel.

In most situations, the kidneys remove most of the nickel absorbed daily, and in some cases, you can develop a nickel allergy. The best approach is to prevent wearing “dirty” jewelry and realize that some jewellery manufacturers use nickel as an alloy in the jewelry they make and sell.

Knowing that the jewelry you want to buy at a pawn shop has been tested and is nickel-free is a plus. You may find beautiful gold earrings that you must have. Ask the pawn broker about the testing done to authenticate the earrings and the precious metals data for the piece. In just a few seconds, you will be able to shop with confidence.

Idaho Pawn and Gold

Idaho Pawn and Gold has three stores located in Idaho. The owner and qualified team members complete a comprehensive analysis of all of the jewelry, gold, silver, and other metals brought into the shops. You can ask to see their testing equipment in action and see the metal analysis on any scrap gold, bullion, coins, or other items you bring in for sale or pawn. The process is confidential and exceptionally fast.

Idaho Pawn and Gold will consider all valuable products you find in your garage, closets, or jewelry box and want to liquidate.

At the Boise location and the other locations, they are a local distributor of gold products.

The pawn brokers, Robbie and Dillion, are pleased to meet with you and work towards the development of a plan to meet your gold buying needs. They are happy to test your gold and, based on the gold analysis, make an offer to purchase any gold or silver you want to liquidate. They will also use gold and other precious metals as collateral for a pawn loan based on the assessed value.

With near-instantaneous results from their testing equipment, you won’t have to wait long for your cash.

The Idaho Pawn and Gold locations take luxury watches, fine jewelry, gold, silver, coins, luxury handbags, brand name electronics, brand name tools, and musical instruments. They are happy to look at and assess your scrap jewelry or any gold jewelry you want to sell and don’t have a sentimental attachment to. With the ergonomic design of their testing equipment, Robbie and Dillion can test metals all day long for customers and never get tired of helping customers.