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Idaho Pawn and Gold Has Luxury Handbag Authentication

Idaho Pawn and Gold Has Luxury Handbag Authentication - Idaho Pawn & Gold

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Idaho Pawn and Gold Has Luxury Handbag Authentication

Designer handbags are sought after by many women. A quality designer handbag can be a wonderful wardrobe investment. Not only do look beautiful in your elegant attire, name-brand shoes, and gold jewelry, you exemplify it by carrying a luxury handbag as an accessory that gives you that polished look you were hoping for. Luxury handbags are durable and usually hold their value. They are a must-have if you are trying to up your style. But how when you are wanting to buy a luxury handbag or a designer purse do you know it is authentic particularly if you are buying from a resale store, pawnshop, or thrift store to help offset the steep price on new bags? Nothing is worse than paying high prices for counterfeit goods. You are stuck with a reminder of the "deal" you got and the fake purse you can't get rid of.

History of Luxury Handbags

There are many types of luxury handbags. Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Coach, Gucci, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Celine Givenchy, Chloe’, Valentino are just a few. Handbags became popular in history to carry necessary items for fire-starting, hunting, and from village to village. The first “designer bag” was dated between 2, 500, and 2,2000 B.C. and was adorned with dog teeth. Carrying a purse became popular when people began to travel by railway and has grown sense. Designer handbags first began as a “status bag” in 1945 by Giuliana Camerino. Luxury fashion designers like Chanel, Vuitton, and Hermes soon followed and in 1950 the desire and status of carrying a luxury handbag blossomed.

Coach Handbags

Each luxury handbag has its own characteristics and unique history. For instance, Coach handbags were first introduced in 1941. They were first called Manhattan Leather Bags by Lillian and Miles Chan. First designed because the owner of the company was impressed with the craftsmanship and design of baseball gloves he was inspired to create handbags for ladies.

Louis Vuitton Handbags

Louis Vuitton bags first appeared in 1930, the Keepall. It was a handbag designed for everyday use. Louis Vuitton bags are waterproof and fireproof. This adds to the reasons behind a designer purses' high price tags. A Louis Vuitton handbag is immediately associated with status and luxury.

Hermes Designer Handbags

Thierry Hermès first began designing leather goods and bags in a harness workshop on the Grands Boulevards quarter of Paris dedicated to serving European noblemen. In 1922 the company introduces the first designer handbag and in 1937 the first scarf factory was opened. At the time the company didn't know that the scarfs they made and the handbags would be their most sought-after items. Hermès is most known for its Birkin and Kelly handbags.

Where do you get a handbag authenticated?

It doesn't matter if you are buying a Hermes bag, a Coach, or some other luxury designer bag, making sure the bag you are purchasing is authentic is important. There are many companies that help with authentication so you are certain you are not buying a fake or replica. Authenticity is important to have particularly if you are shopping price, deals, and want to make a statement without being taken. Making sure the bag you are looking at is authenticated will save you money in the long run. In most situations, designer bag authenticators are reliable and true. The people owning and working in luxury bag authentication have years of experience handling designer bags and have the resources available to refer to and compare when authenticating a bag. These companies include sending in high-quality pictures for evaluation or by going into a store and having them do an in-person authentication. The cost varies from $10.oo per purse and more.

Where Can You Purchase a Luxury Handbag at a Reasonable Price?

Most pawn shops are a good place to shop for that bag you have been looking for. Pawn Shops offer a buying, selling, and lending service on designer bags, and consequently, they have an ever-changing inventory with sales and bargain prices to the interested buyer. They have experience in evaluating and authenticating designer bags and are highly knowledgable in luxury brands. Idaho Pawn and Gold has two stores located in Boise and Nampa Idaho. Both stores offer luxury handbag authentication. Having the only Entrupy Authentication in the area the team at Idaho Pawn and Gold are ready to help. They offer to buy, sell, and loan against luxury handbags. If you come into the store with your luxury bag, the knowledgeable and friendly team will look at your bag and authenticate it while you wait, letting you know about the process along the way. They are always in the market to buy unused designer handbags so you can take the funds and purchase the new one you are hoping for. The large storefront has both an in-store selection of designer bags as well as an online store on its websites giving its customers unlimited access to search for the brands they prefer.

What is Entrupy Authentication?

Entrupy is a portable scanning device that instantly detects imitation bags. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect replicas and fakes. By taking microscopic pictures the photos are used to account for details in the material, processing, and workmanship. After the process is complete you receive a certification. Without saying, designer handbags and luxury purses are sought after by women as gifts, and as wardrobe investments. They are durable, elegant, and exemplify artistic craftsmanship. Knowing if the purse you found on sale is authentic is a must. The team at Idaho Pawn and Gold with the Entrupy Authentication can set your mind at ease. With an ever-changing inventory of designer handbags both in season and out of season, you won't be disappointed. The inventory is great and knowing that what you are purchasing is authentic will help you leave truly satisfied with your purchase.