2 Rare Franklin Mint Set’s Received at Idaho Pawn Idaho

2 Rare Franklin Mint Set at Idaho Pawn

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When customers walk into Idaho Pawn, they are often surprised how many rare and valuable items are purchased. During April 2021, two more sets of Franklin Mint were added to the inventory after purchasing for thousands. This set was an exciting purchase, as it was actually brought in by a local who inherited it with an estate.

If you’re thinking about selling your rare silver set, don’t let the goldsmith acid test it! He’s going to give away its value. The good news is that we want to buy all of this stuff from you- no need for a middle man or one who might steal some money in return.

Why not get top dollar?

If you are considering selling an old set of really nice cutlery with precious metals and gems on it, make sure they are tested properly.

Although there is no way to accurately compute just what your local pawn shop would offer in exchange for an item (especially with so many variations among stores), it is great to start with the weight of your item.

Gold and Silver are valued by weight and purity. Here at Idaho Pawn & Gold we have state-of-the-art non-intrusive testers to determine the exact value. In fact, we surprisingly deal in 100s of gold and silver items a week allowing us to work on smaller margins and pay competitively.

2 Rare Sets Likely 1970s

2 Rare Franklin Mint Set at Idaho Pawn
2 Rare Franklin Mint Set at Idaho Pawn

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