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We Get Money back into Your Pocket within 15 Minute or Coffee Is On Us. Something take longer then 15minutes, so we just buy you coffee.

(Without Having to deal with Flakebook, Craiglist of Strangers, or a another Haggle)

Idaho Pawn and Gold

Professional Pawn, Gold and Sales Brokers providing you the best service in Idaho.

Get More Cash In Less Time Without The Hassle​

  1. Quickly valuation over the phone, text, or in-person
  2. Sell items faster with the best pricing and low margins
  3. Pay the most cash for high dollar items
  4. Getting you the most the most money possible
  5. Without hassle

Before You Leave Money On The Table

  1. Unlike Online Buyers, we will pay you what we offer, instead of hassling or returning your item before paying you, wasting everyone’s time.
  2. We are different than any Pawn Shop, Gold & Silver Store, Luxury Buyer, or Diamond Buyer in Idaho. We actually have state of the art equipment and trained team.
  3. We have invested over 50k in each store in testing/authentication equipment in order to allow us to pay more.
  4. Friends can be a great resource, but you seriously may be leaving money on the table all while tying up more generating future relationship problems then it is worth.
  5. Visiting the same store you always donate or sell too may not be the best choice for your financial if they are not paying you the most.
Louis Vuitton Handbags at Idaho Pawn and Gold

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We Offer to Buy, Loan, Trade-in and Sell These Items

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Luxury Goods

Selling luxury goods with us, may take more then 15minutes depending on the designer goods, so lunch is always on us. We approach designer goods with a fine touch, and an appointment or drop off is preferred.

Gold & Silver

By using our Niton XRF, Sigma Testers, and skills with brokers and resources we are able to quickly buy and sell any volume or size of Gold and Silver (Coins, Bars, Rounds). By using these resources we pay more Cash and Sell for Less then anyone in Idaho and often Online.

Jewelry & Diamonds

With our state of the art lab diamond testers, and offsite appraiser we can get an offer quickly for your .5->10 carat diamond, and vintage or custom rings. You will find our offers are 10-50% higher than other local buyers or brokers because of our extensive network.

Fine Watches

The fine watch market can move quickly, one month a fine watch may be worth $10k and then the next $14k. We keep up with the prices and valuations in order to get you the most cash or best price on a watch possible.

Heavy Equipment

Just like the fine watch market, we know that heavy equipment can move quickly in price, and range depending on the hours, condition, and mileage. We have our offsite appraiser who can quickly determine the true value.

Electronics, Tools and Consumer Goods

In-store sales, local marketplaces and online auctions are the standard for valuation with a quickly changing price. Our technology to sell quickly and effectively allows us to offer more and pay faster.

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